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Using my Kacamata

Using my Kacamata

Darryl virgiawan Tanod was born in Lembean, North Sulawesi, Indonesia on May 14, 1985, better known simply as Darryl Virgiawan, is the oldest of two children of Muliawan Tanod and Sjenny Tampone. His father is an Indonesian ancestry and his mother is an Chinese ancestry.

Tanod’s began his study at five in Saint Michael kindergarten a private Catholic school, Airmadidi, North Sulawesi, Indonesia in 1990. At age six until twelve Tanod’s continue his study in SD Negeri III a public elementary school, Airmadidi, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. In 1997 Tanod was educated in public Junior high school SMP Negeri I, Airmadidi, North Sulawesi, Indonesia and continue his senior high school at 2000 in SMU Negeri I, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Tanod entered Samratulangi medical school in late 2003.

Tanod’s father and mother moved to Jakarta at 2001 and stayed there when he still in senior high school. His sister also moved to Jakarta followed his mother and father in 2005 and returned to Manado in 2008. His sister entered Samratulangi Law school after finishing her Senior high school in Regina Pacis, Jakarta, Indonesia. Tanod’s still stayed in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia to finish his study at med school.

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